Laura Burns: 47, a hard working woman trying to hold down a job and trying to keep it together despite her abusive husband and her hateful son. She has a past in the biker world in which she has kept away from thinking that was the wrong way to live. Now because of the hell she finds herself in, she has decided that is where she needs to be and she will risk everything to get there.

Frank Henderson: 46, a good man, kind to the ladies, but Frank has a past because of his special needs brother. He has been wrongly accused of armed robbery and murder and is on the run from the law.

Bill Henderson: 37, the special needs brother that is Frank's only family and Frank feels responsible for his brother's injury.

BONNIE LAWSON - Bonnie is 45 years old The owner of Bonnie’s Roadhouse. She works hard and does well for herself. She is always there to help another biker in need, but she is no ones fool. She is Tom’s girl now, but had spent time with Frank and still has a soft spot for him. She looks out for everyone in the club and is considered the mom of the group.

TIM JOHNSON – A 47 year old cop that has worked his way up in rank to detective in the Detroit police department. He is now working in the missing persons unit. He is hard nosed and works by the book most of the time. Tim is haunted by a past incident in which he lost his very first partner. He blames himself and is determined to solve the crime that has been pending for the last 20 years. He is on edge and very unpredictable.

NANCY ABRAMS - A 45 year old detective working in the missing persons unit of the Detroit police department. She is Tim Johnson’s partner of 3 years. Nancy has street smarts and is eccentric. She and Tim have a close brother/sister relationship. She can be a smart-ass at times but she knows her job and does it well. Nancy is a woman that you don’t want to cross, but she can take a joke with the best of them.

TOM EDWARDS - Tom is 39 years old and works as a welder. He loves working on bikes and shows them as often as possible. He is open and friendly and likes to joke around a lot. It might seem that he picks on Bill too much but it’s because he has adopted him. Tom is in love with Bonnie and would do anything for anyone in need.

DAN BERRYMEN – Dan is 32 years old and is a Native American. He has had a rough life but he does not let it get him down. He is quiet but friendly. He and Tom are long time friends and there favorite past time is picking on Bill.

BRAD FERGASON – Brad is 55 years old, Brad is an old school biker. He is the best man to have on your side in a fight. Brad is a professional gun dealer and knows his stuff well. He will be your friend but cross him once and your gone. He is cool under pressure, he uses his head under fire.