Walk Away
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After 15 years of hell working at a job that is going nowhere living with an abusive husband and a son that just doesn't care, Laura Burns has had enough. She takes off into a life that she once knew, a life that most people would find dangerous and fraught with unseemly characters: the world of Bikers.

Laura finds a place there to just be herself. She finds Frank, a man who falls in love with her for who she is. Through the trials of the biker world she finds and fits in with a group of misfits and because of their troubles they become a family.

Before there can be a happy ending for Laura she must handle two issues: Tim Johnson and Nancy Abrams, two of Detroit's finest. They have been on her trail since she took flight and are now closing in. Laura finds herself to be the catalyst that brings her new life, love and family crashing down around her.

Tim Johnson, a hard-nosed detective that has been on the force for 20 years, and his partner, Nancy Abrams, a seasoned cop, unravel the clues that lead them to Laura and her new family. While undercover, they stumble upon new evidence of an old case that Tim could never solve…the one that cost his first partner's life. As tensions mount, Tim and Nancy find their partnership tested as neither of them could walk Away....